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No matter where you are on your coffee roasting journey, we'd love to work with you.
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roasting Services

Co-Roasting: As a co-roaster, you have total control of your product. You pay an hourly rate to roast your own coffee on one of our roasting machines. Production space, time, & equip included. Rates start at $25/hour and increase with the batch capacity of the roaster you use.

Toll Roasting: As a toll roaster, you pay a per-pound rate to have us roast your coffee for you to your specifications. You still get to source your own coffee and make the decisions about your end product.

Private Labeling: also called white labeling or co-packing. You use the roasted coffee we have in house for your project. You have final say over blending, bagging and labelling. Rates are typically charged per finished bag of coffee. (If you're new to coffee roasting, this can be a great place to start!)



  • Storage
  • Production assistance
  • Consulting
  • Space rental
  • Roast training (see below)
  • Sensory analysis and training (see below)
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Whether you're interested in home roasting, shop roasting, or large-scale production roasting, RTRC can teach you to roast coffee on the machine of your choice. We cover set-up, machine-specific best practices, and creating initial roast recipes.

Not sure what machine is best for you? Contact us and we'll help you figure it out.

Ready to sign up? You can do that on our classes page.

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Green Coffee Analysis: Detailed feedback on your coffee, including green grading, tasting notes and roast recommendations.

Guided Cupping: RTRC can guide you through a private educational cupping session. We’ll teach you to evaluate, use the SCA flavor wheel, blend, & determine tasting notes.

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